Women’s Sport

APAC editor Kevin McCullagh reviews the talking points at this year's Sports Matters industry conference in Singapore

The Women's National Basketball Association has recorded a 16 per cent domestic viewership increase this year across its national television partners from 2021, highlighting a multitude of successful business…

National Women’s Soccer League team Angel City Football Club has partnered with safety tech company GoBubble in an effort to protect the team’s social media feeds from online abuse.

Few would argue against the fact that there is growing momentum behind women’s sports, both in media and commercial terms, but when will we be able to reach a stage where they are financially self-sustainable?

Women’s World Cup currently has two-tier sponsorship model Global Partner tier includes sponsorship rights to all Fifa events

New Zealand has been awarded the 2021 Women's Rugby World Cup. The country beat Australia in a vote conducted by the World Rugby Council in Dublin yesterday

Event promises to provide a platform for female drivers to succeed in F1 Series will underwrite costs of all the drivers

World Rugby has confirmed that Australia and New Zealand will contest hosting rights for the 2021 edition of the Women’s Rugby World Cup.

No person is better placed to comment on the development of the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) than its founder Billie Jean King.

Browse the sections of the report Appetite for disruption: Inside We Are Disrupt, a female-focused sport marketing agency

The 2017 Women's Rugby World Cup saw a 53:47 gender split in ITV audiences in the UK· Crowds of 50,000 attended the first few games of the new AFL Women's Australian Rules tournament

Sachin Tendulkar employed as an ambassador to grow the women’s game Ticket ballot creates sense of demand outstripping supply Advertising campaigns are not women-specific I

Ashling O’Connor, partner, Bird & Co, worked as a sports business journalist before turning hand to senior level appointments in sport and entertainment

Bogdanowicz a key architect in creation of Team GB Establishment of Women’s Super League allows for clearer commercial division between men and women’s game P

We Are Disrupt, an agency specialising in women’s sport, was founded in 2017 by former CSM executive Emma Lax