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Rachael Church talks about recent developments in sport including a new Swiss law that aims to clamp down on dodgy dealings.

The contest to host the 2022 winter Olympic Games may be a two-horse race, but promises to be one of the most fascinating ever. Kevin Roberts explains why, examining the background to the bidding battle and detailing each candidate through the eyes of its bid leader.

The European Games, a continental multi-sport event comprised of Olympic sports, were first outlined in 2010. Ahead of the inaugural Games in Baku next month, Elisha Chauhan asked their creator Pat Hickey to assess preparations and reveal his vision for future editions.

Kevin Roberts: Is it time to re-think the World Order of sports governance?

This month in Monaco, under President Thomas Bach’s sweeping Agenda 2020 reforms, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) will vote to change the rules around bidding for the Olympic Games. Elisha Chauhan asked industry experts how they believe this will affect the Olympic Movement.

Kevin Roberts: What's not to like about the IOC's proposals for change?

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)’s newly-appointed CEO Chris Welton describes how he went from practising law to taking the reins of the IOC (International Olympic Committee)’s sponsorship programme.

Should sporting rights-holders take the geo-political climate into consideration more when making decisions?

With wheels on President Bach’s proposed Olympic Channel now fully in motion, Timo Lumme, managing director of TV and marketing at the IOC (International Olympic Committee), tells Owen Evans how it will operate.

Kevin Roberts: Will European athletics break the mould in 2016?

OCA (Olympic Council of Asia) and ANOC (Association of National Olympic Committees) president Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah of Kuwait reveals his life influences and aspirations within the inner circles of the Olympic Movement.

Is it time to scrap the Youth Olympic Games and replace it with a more relevant, exciting and appropriate alternative? 

Legacy is one of the first words mentioned when any new major sporting facility is built. Elisha Chauhan finds out what Sport Singapore’s plans are to ensure the Sports Hub will have a lasting positive effect for the city-state and its people.

Could France’s new €68-million home of cycling be the springboard to fulfilling a Parisian Olympic dream? Owen Evans reports.

As tonight’s bidding application deadline for hosting the 2022 winter Olympics approaches, The Sport Consultancy’s Robert Datnow asks whether the candidate cities – and the communication consultancies that steer their bid strategies – will find the rules of the game beginning to change?

The race for the most influential job in sport is almost over. In a matter of hours, six candidates will find out who will be the new president of the Olympic Movement.

After 12 years at the head of the Olympic Family, Jacques Rogge reaches the end of his term. In an exclusive interview with SportBusiness, the Belgian reveals the highs and lows of his time as International Olympic Committee (IOC) president and explains what he believes are the future challenges for his successor.

With less than two weeks until the International Olympic Committee (IOC) names its new leader, SportBusiness Group editorial director Kevin Roberts looks at the young life of Sergey Bubka, who would later become one of the presidential candidates.

Dave Gordon, the former Head of Events at the BBC who left the UK public-service broadcaster after 40 years in December 2012, looks at how 2016 Olympic Games broadcasters can raise the bar even higher than it was in London.