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Is the saga surrounding the development of the main stadium for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games finally at an end? SportBusiness International reports.

The emergence of the Zika virus in Brazil has provided organisers of the Rio 2016 Olympics with a major headache. Dominic Bliss explored how event hosts tackle the outbreak of disruptive diseases.

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PyeongChang has struggled to muster sponsors for its hosting of the 2018 winter Olympics. Elisha Chauhan asks industry experts why Korean electronics firm Samsung had to join the domestic roster, despite it already being a worldwide partner of the Games.

Elisha Chauhan asks industry experts to assess the Tokyo 2020 national stadium saga, and whether it will be ready on time and on budget, having dropped Zaha Hadid Architects’ controversial design.

Elisha Chauhan travelled to Kazan to watch the biggest ever Fina World Championships, but in a time of cost-cutting and efficiency why is the aquatics showpiece growing in size?

Has the Olympic Movement sold its own public short by signing up with Eurosport?

Audience ratings and trends for major events in 2014-15 including the Fifa World Cup, Winter Olympics, Tour de France and more, with data from Eurodata TV Worldwide.The Fifa World Cup 2014 generated the largest average audience for a major international sports event (as opposed to domestic leagues and competitions) in four of the five major European markets in 2014-15. 

In the end it was inevitable. As Marius Vizer stood amidst the smoking, smouldering ruins of SportAccord, the freshly re-elected president knew that he had no choice but to quit. 

As SportAccord’s future hangs in the balance, Elisha Chauhan looks at the potential consequences for the union of International Federations’ World Beach, Combat, Mind and Urban Games.

Rachael Church talks about recent developments in sport including a new Swiss law that aims to clamp down on dodgy dealings.

The contest to host the 2022 winter Olympic Games may be a two-horse race, but promises to be one of the most fascinating ever. Kevin Roberts explains why, examining the background to the bidding battle and detailing each candidate through the eyes of its bid leader.

The European Games, a continental multi-sport event comprised of Olympic sports, were first outlined in 2010. Ahead of the inaugural Games in Baku next month, Elisha Chauhan asked their creator Pat Hickey to assess preparations and reveal his vision for future editions.

Kevin Roberts: Is it time to re-think the World Order of sports governance?

This month in Monaco, under President Thomas Bach’s sweeping Agenda 2020 reforms, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) will vote to change the rules around bidding for the Olympic Games. Elisha Chauhan asked industry experts how they believe this will affect the Olympic Movement.

Kevin Roberts: What's not to like about the IOC's proposals for change?

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)’s newly-appointed CEO Chris Welton describes how he went from practising law to taking the reins of the IOC (International Olympic Committee)’s sponsorship programme.

Should sporting rights-holders take the geo-political climate into consideration more when making decisions?