Chicago White Sox

Three Chicago sports teams — the National Basketball Association's Bulls, the National Hockey League's Blackhawks, and Major League Baseball's White Sox — are partnering with Standard Media Group to for…

Casino and sportsbook operator looks to expand presence in Illinois

Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Chicago White Sox has signed Molson Coors to its sponsorship portfolio.

Major League Baseball is making a deep financial commitment to ensure its upcoming Field of Dreams game is a success by investing more than $5m (€4.26

Cubs, White Sox each plan to have 20 per cent attendance at respective ballparks

Major League Baseball’s planned Field of Dreams game, celebrating the famed 1989 movie of the same name, in Dyersville, Iowa, has been rescheduled for August 12, 2021.

With no other ticket sales occurring, MLB team honors on-field achievement

Special-event game on famed movie filming site postponed

First-ever MLB game in Iowa will use filming site from famed 1989 baseball movie

MLB club becomes the first in the league to expand fan safety protection to each foul pole