Highlights From Our May Issue

Ben Pincus on taking the commercial reins at F1

Football clubs respond to their communities in crisis

NASCAR and NHL look to esports for engagement and brand building

Traditional sports pivot to Twitch during lockdown

Sports are still trying to figure out what the ‘new normal’ looks like

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Sports are still trying to figure out what the ‘new normal’ looks like

SportBusiness Group editorial director on sport’s efforts to establish a new normal and the role of the new SportBusiness finance and Law Portal.

Human needs drive the desire to attend games again

Eric Fisher, US Editor looks at the form live sports might take in the future.

The Australian business is a contact sport

Kevin McCullagh, Senior Analyst Asia examines some of the issues facing Australian sport.

The virtual NFL Draft offers three lessons for the future of post-Covid-19 sports events

James Fenn explains how the NFL made its virtual NFL draft an immediate success.


The video gaming industry is thriving at the minute, but that doesn't mean esports is thriving, too. Callum McCarthy looks at why.

Behind closed doors matches are not a panacea for the impact of Covid-19, nor are they always better than not playing at all.

Bull-riding circuit provides important test case after making Covid-19 comeback at event in rural Oklahoma. Bob Williams speaks to PBR CEO Sean Gleason about the opportunities and challenges of being a first-mover in the live-action return from the health crisis.

Adam Nelson takes a look at how the community initiatives at Liverpool FC and Everton FC are providing fans with much-needed support during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Fausto Zanetton, chief executive of Tifosy Capital & Advisory, discusses why player salaries have become such a burning issue for clubs, the knock-on affects of France’s media rights cycle, and the potential long-term impacts of the shutdown.

Only a handful of the biggest sports events globally were insured for the Covid-19 interruption. Tommy Elliot of specialist events insurer Circles Group tells SportBusiness about the implications for sports properties, and for his own industry.

Ex-Heineken exec Pincus takes F1 commercial reins with clear remit to add new global partners

Formula 1 has spent the past few years in existential self-examination. Should its primary goal be entertaining its fans or showcasing the technology of its competitors? What does it stand for in a world slowly turning away from the internal combustion engine?

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