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Virtual backdrops and ‘watch together’ social media services are in focus as sport returns behind closed doors.

Korea’s football and baseball leagues have published detailed guidelines governing their resumptions this week.

The LPGA once worried about the dominance of South Korean players in the women’s game. Now it embraces them as a means of driving the sport’s regional and global popularity. John Duerden finds out more.

With its biggest market at the epicentre of the coronavirus epidemic, table tennis is one of the sports most affected

Pooling media rights to Korea’s K-League with national-team matches was supposed to create a property more valuable than the sum of its parts. John Duerden investigates why it isn’t working yet.

The first Grand Slam of 2021 could be delayed by one or two weeks from the scheduled January 18 start, due to Covid-19

From next year South Korean baseball clubs will be permitted to reduce player’s pay if the season is disrupted by extraordinary events.

There were contrasting fortunes in the last 24 hours for the reopening of two major Asia-Pacific sports markets, with Australia reported to be expecting the world's biggest crowd since the pandemic began…

South Korea has made its first formal proposal to North Korea to co-host the 2024 winter Youth Olympic Games


The legends of Li Na, Kim Yuna and Lee Chong Wei have all retired and their absences leave gaping holes in their sports back home, one that sponsors and associations are keen to fill as quickly as possible. 

NBA licenses clothing company MK Trend to create casual and lifestyle-focused clothing for South Koreans

A detailed look at South Korean sports marketing as part of the SportBusiness International South Korea Focus

A detailed look at South Korean sports media as part of the SportBusiness International South Korea Focus

A detailed look at South Korean sports events as part of the SportBusiness International South Korea Focus

South Korea would appear to be the perfect destination for sports industry growth, with the Winter Olympics on the horizon. But what are the challenges? SportBusiness International investigates.

PyeongChang has struggled to muster sponsors for its hosting of the 2018 winter Olympics. Elisha Chauhan asks industry experts why Korean electronics firm Samsung had to join the domestic roster, despite it already being a worldwide partner of the Games.