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World Rugby launches new marketing campaign for women’s game

World Rugby has unveiled a new global brand identity and marketing campaign for women’s rugby in an attempt to generate global exposure and encourage participation in the women’s version of the game.

The global governing body for rugby has identified 15 female players from a range of cultures and age groups to feature in the creative materials for the new ‘Unstoppables’ campaign. It will also release a hero video featuring Indian national player Sweta Shahi who has overcome a number of barriers to play the sport.

World Rugby chief executive, Brett Gosper, said: “Our feeling is that the development of women in rugby is the single-biggest development opportunity for our sport to grow over the next decade.

“This campaign is all about a universal and global attitude: start rugby and become unstoppable. It is a very global attitude that women can adopt and identify with.”

Gosper said participation levels in women’s rugby have increased by around 30 per cent in the last two years to the point where 2.7 million of the 9 million people who play the sport globally are women. He added that an annual global study commissioned by World Rugby indicated that around 330m people described themselves as either ‘interested’ or ‘very interested’ in the sport and around 40 per cent of this total were female.

Katie Sadleir, general manager of women’s rugby, said the 15 women in the campaign came from growth markets identified by World Ruby: “We’ve chosen to represent various markets where we are working closely with the unions to help with their growth plans,” she said.

World Rugby is encouraging fans to get behind the campaign and share the hero video by using the #TryandStopUs hashtag across social media channels.