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While a 'typical' fan doesn't exist, most of the audiences today have a growing digital appetite, crave personal experience, counter conventional beliefs, and want to be engaged on their terms

One of the major misconceptions about women’s sport is that it is essentially men’s sport played by women. Wh

Genius Sports’ head of sales for fan engagement, Judd Goldstein, outlines how a growing number of sports rights-holders and federations are optimising engagement and enjoying quantifiable benefits through t…

Localising sports media content to reach diverse markets is an important challenge for an increasing number of sports rights-holders and broadcasters.

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Judd Goldstein, head of sports fan engagement at Genius Sports, explains how sports have an opportunity to take ownership of the fan journey and fuel monetisation with the latest data-driven technology. 

Andrew Quinton, Solutions Technology Principal at BT, says it’s time for stadiums to use technology to revolutionise user experiences

The use of personalisation in sport is set to shift up a gear in 2023, and as Sportradar Strategy Director Mike Falconer explains, technology is enabling the industry to facilitate this transformation.

Sport faces a significant challenge to attract and retain viewers, especially in an increasingly fragmented media landscape in which there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ fan.