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Fifa World Cup

Fifa made the decision to move APAC media rights sales in-house earlier this year and is thought to have notified its two current sales agencies in the region, Infront and Dentsu, several months ago.

Blockchain technology company Algorand has announced it will no longer activate its sponsorship rights as a Regional Supporter of the current Fifa World Cup, revealing in a social media post that it plans…

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV appears to have cut some images of fans not wearing masks from its television coverage of the Fifa World Cup, according to various reports

Sports betting firm Betano has become Fifa's first gambling sponsor with a last-minute deal announced after the 2022 World Cup kicked off in Qatar

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Genius Sports’ head of sales for fan engagement, Judd Goldstein, outlines how a growing number of sports rights-holders and federations are optimising engagement and enjoying quantifiable benefits through t…

Localising sports media content to reach diverse markets is an important challenge for an increasing number of sports rights-holders and broadcasters.

In this video interview, Richard Wise, senior vice president and head of content and channels for IMG Media, says the agency's Sport 24 in-flight and in-ship channel is bouncing back as international travel…

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Having established solid foundations for international growth through the establishment of its Global Network over five years ago, LaLiga’s expansion into new markets is gaining momentum, as international director Octavi Anoro explains.

Capital Sports Media chief executive Tim Mangnall offers his perspective on the key lessons learned during a rollercoaster first three-quarters of 2022, and how sports clubs and rights-holders can maximise the engagement opportunities presented by digital assets.

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CIES director Denis Oswald explains how the FIFA Master’s offering has evolved over the past two decades to remain a vital launchpad for aspirational sports industry executives.

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