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Thayer Lavielle, executive vice-president at The Collective Wasserman, explains why the world of sport needs to wake up to the new power players: Gen Z and Millennial women

Columbia University's Scott Rosner and Joe Favorito use the wildly popular theatre musical "Hamilton" as inspiration to describe their unique experiences during the 2020 fall semester.

Martyn Turze, consumer research account director at Publicis Sport & Entertainment, highlights 11 key points from the agency's internal discussions on pay-per-view Premier League matches conducted via the team’s Whatsapp group.

Dr. Lingling Liu talks about this year's appointment of Michael Ma Xiaofei as the chief executive of NBA China, and how he already has a relationship with the NBA through his father

SportBusiness is today launching its Technology & Innovation Portal, publishing content about technology's real-world impact on the business of sport, and about how it creates opportunity and powers better business.

The International Swimming League has today announced its plans for its second season, with plans in place to hold the majority of the competition in Budapest


Mark Beal, assistant professor of public relations in the Rutgers University School of Communication and Information in New Jersey and author of two books on Generation Z, shares why sports business executives must engage with that group of young people now

SportBusiness' Kevin McCullagh looks at the shifts in consumer behaviours and the value of sport as a media product

Closed-door sport has prompted an upsurge in virtual advertising but a new report cautions against using the technology indiscriminately.

SportBusiness' US Editor looks at how we should analyse television viewership in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic

Jim DeMarco, consultant with sports industry advisory firm NextUp Partners LLC, explores the need for increased sports wagering as a tool to engage casual fans

Jason Thomas, chief executive of global payment and data ecosystem Tappit, explores how building fan engagement during the pandemic using emerging technology can pay long-term dividends

Neil Gane of the AVIA Coalition Against Piracy says there have been encouraging signs in the past year that Southeast Asian authorities are getting to grips with the growing piracy threat in the region.

Alexis Schäfer, commercial, partnerships & broadcasting director at the International Paralympic Committee, says that as brands look to build cause-led marketing programmes, the narrative behind Paralympic sports and athletes coupled with the enthusiastic and creative support of broadcast partners has proved a compelling combination

Omri Orgad, managing director of North America for Luminati Networks, explores the benefits teams and organizations can gain mining alternative data

When a veteran coach says a new rule is destroying his enjoyment of the game it’s a warning about damage to the product at a critical time for sport

Former NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL senior executive Andy Dolich discusses his involvement in the forthcoming debut of Fan Controlled Football

Chris Madden, co-founder of Chicago-based digital marketing agency Matchnode, explores how teams can boost their digital engagement with fans during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic

Gregg Oldfield, chief executive of Engage Media Partners, explains why changes in content production and delivery accelerated under Covid-19 are here to stay and how the scope for creativity has increased.

Sally Hancock, managing partner at Y Sport, looks at how participation in tennis in the UK has grown in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic

Onur Yegenoglu, head of sport at KIN Partners, says that while Covid-19 has had a hugely negative impact on the sports industry, there are numerous opportunities that have arisen out of the pandemic

Darren Heitner, founder of Florida-based Heitner Legal, P.L.L.C., and an active attorney practicing sports law and contract law, explores the ramifications of an ongoing legal case surrounding the ownership of a college baseball team's Twitter account.

Self-confessed 'Olympophile' Lee Gibbons, managing director of the Sport Unlimited agency, explains why the values and strategies attached to Olympic sponsorships translate so well to today's market in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chris Russo, chief executive of boutique consulting firm CRX Sports & Gaming, looks ahead to deal trends set to emerge in 2020's fourth quarter

Kevin McCullagh takes a look at the world’s biggest annual cricket competition, the Indian Premier League, ahead of its move this year to the United Arab Emirates