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Williams Racing commercial director on reshaping motorsport’s sponsorship model

George Russell of Great Britain driving for Williams during this year's Formula 1 Grand Prix in Turkey (Photo by Joe Portlock - Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

  • Tim Hunt, commercial and marketing director at Williams, wants sponsorship platform to focus on “the USPs of being an F1 team”
  • Majority of agreements' work now taking place behind the scenes using technical, engineering, and business expertise
  • Implementation of new approach began at the start of 2020, but Covid-19 pandemic “accelerated process”
Formula 1’s traditional sponsorship model is a “thing of the past”, believes Williams Racing commercial and marketing director Tim Hunt, who says that the sport needs to begin focussing on its core strengths and unique selling points to maximise the value it can offer to partners. 

“In Formula 1, it used to be that the two choices you had when sponsoring a team were ‘how big do you want your sticker on the car?’ and ‘do you want Chablis or Chardonnay in hospitality?’,” Hunt tells SportBusiness. “Thank God, those days are behind us. Those things are still factors and will always be part of the proposition, but the reality is that in today’s market we need to look at, how do we actually fundamentally impact a partner business’s P&L?”

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