NBA players agree for All-Star Game draft to be televised

The NBA and its Players Association have reached an agreement to televise the 2019 All-Star Game draft, the New York Times has reported.

Last season, the two captains – the top fan vote-getters from each conference – selected their rosters in private, much to the chagrin of fans, media and even players.

Now the draft for next year’s event in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be televised. According to the report, Jan 30 and 31 are likely dates for a TNT broadcast.

“What’s bad about it? It’s All-Star Weekend,” LeBron James, one of last year’s All-Star Game captains, said. “You got 24 of the best players in the world that’s going to make the team. It doesn’t matter if you’re first or last, you’re 24 of the best in the world at that point in time. I don’t think it’ll be bad. We’ll see.”

The changing of the format in 2018 from Eastern Conference v Western Conference to players being chosen from the pool of selected All-Stars proved a success, with a much more competitive game than in recent years. The televising of the draft is sure to provide an extra edge to the event.