Multi-faceted esports organisation launches in New York

A new esports organisation has been set up in New York that will operate a number of franchises and seek to bring more gaming events to the US city.

The organisation, dubbed Andbox, has been created by Sterling.VC, an investment fund backed by Sterling Equities, whose assets include Major League Baseball team the New York Mets and Overwatch League outfit New York Excelsior.

Financial terms of Sterling.VC’s investment in the new venture were not disclosed.

Business news website Bloomberg reported that Andbox will house New York teams that will compete in Overwatch and Call of Duty, which are both developed by Activision Blizzard. Other plans for Andbox include a merchandise division that will sell apparel to esports fans.

Scott Wilpon, Andbox co-founder and Sterling.VC partner, said: “We are excited by all of the possibilities Andbox unlocks to represent New York in the world’s pre-eminent esports leagues, and we’re continually on the lookout for new opportunities that resonate with gamers both locally and globally.”

Sterling.VC purchased the Excelsior in 2017 in a deal which Bloomberg reported as being worth $20m (€17.7m). The company also recently acquired a New York-based franchise that will compete in a new Call of Duty league. The newly-launched Andbox is set to operate both teams.