US esports body becomes internationally recognised

The United States eSports Federation (USeF) has been accepted as a full member of the International eSports Federation (IeSF).

The USeF was accepted during the General Meeting of the IeSF, which took place on November 10 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Member federations enthusiastically voted to accept the USeF.

The USeF carried out a formal application process and its full member status has been approved by the IeSF board. The USeF is now the official recognised national governing body of esports in the US.

The USeF attended the 10th International eSports Federation World Championship this year and plans on sending a Team USA to participate at next year’s event. The body is launching safe sport educational initiatives to be compliant with US Congress, as well as other educational modules around mental health, nutrition and physical competencies.

USeF president Vlad Marinescu said: “There are around 60 million young Americans gaming at the moment and our primary concern is uniting all stakeholder with the objective of protecting athletes.

“I believe that through our board, which is comprised of experts from both the esports and traditional worlds of marketing, sponsorship, merchandising and corporate governance, we can create strong collaborations with all stakeholders and together develop and grow esports. We appreciate the member national federations of IeSF for their trust and support in our organisation, through our recognition.”