NBA hires longtime tech executive Jhaveri as new CMO

The National Basketball Association named longtime technology marketing executive Kate Jhaveri as its new chief marketing officer.

Jhaveri, set to begin the league role August 15, has held marketing roles with Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and Dell, a background that feeds directly into the league’s accelerating technology ambitions, most recently seen in an equity investment in artificial intelligence firm NEX Team. 

The NBA for years has been an industry thought leader within US sports on a variety of emerging tech-related areas including social media, player tracking, virtual reality and esports. Jhaveri, who succeeds the retired Pamela El in the league CMO role, will have that tech focus as a key component of her role leading global marketing operations for not only the NBA, but also the WNBA, the developmental NBA G League, and the NBA 2K League.

“Kate is an industry leader who has an excellent record in creating successful marketing strategies for some of the most renowned companies in the world,” said NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum.

Twitch, where Jhaveri is finishing up as CMO, is no stranger to the NBA as the streaming platform is a distribution channel for live G League games.