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Nascar developing Netflix comedy series

In an attempt to grow its fanbase and reach non-core fans, Nascar is helping to create a new multicam situation comedy series on streaming service Netflix, which will be released in 2020.

The Crew will star The King of Queens comedian Kevin James, who will play the crew chief in the show set in a Nascar team garage. Part of the show’s premise will be an inherent clash between the old-school ways of James’ character and the younger, technology-focused members of the crew. Nascar executives Matt Summers and Tim Clark will be involved as executive producers. James’ longtime manager, Jeff Sussman, also is an executive producer for The Crew.

Formula One’s documentary series on Netflix, Drive to Survive, has been credited with increasing the popularity of the sport, including leading to increased ticket sales at the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.

Nascar will hope for a similar result following declining attendances, TV ratings, and corporate sponsorship exodus in the past decade. Netflix, meanwhile, will work with Nascar to help create another slate of original programming as it continues to compete with a growing number of consumer options for video content.

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