MiLB expanding Copa de la Diversión initiative to 92 teams

Minor League Baseball is continuing its outreach into Hispanic and Latino communities by expanding the Copa de la Diversión initiative to 92 franchises in 2020, up from 72 this year.

In the season-long Copa, participating teams transform their on-field brand – including logo, team name and uniforms – into a culturally-relevant Hispanic persona, representing an extension of the team’s and community’s identity.

The event, which launched in 2018 with 33 teams, was a huge success in 2019. According to MiLB figures, 1.8 million fans attending nearly 400 Copa de la Diversión games and there was nearly 20 percent higher average attendance per Copa game versus the average per-game attendance.

Among the new logos for 2020 are: Boise Papas Fritas, Frijoles Saltarines de Puerto Carlota, Avocados Luchadores de Down East, Cervezas de Durham, Manzanas Luchadores de Fort Wayne and Cocos Locos de Rochester.

“We went to a [Bradenton] Barbanegras game, and one of the interactions I had with one of the fans is that they were from Venezuela and had been in Bradenton five or 10 years,” said Chanel Zapata, MiLB associate of marketing strategy and research. “They said to me, ‘I thought the stadium was a place for me not to even step foot. But even the change of music to more Latino-friendly songs made it feel so I could take my family to a ballgame. It reminded us of the really good times we had when we were in Venezuela’.”

“We are driving revenue, we are reaching new fans and existing fans, but we’re very much looking at it from a long-term view as well, understanding the changing dynamics of the country,” added Cory Bernstine, MiLB director of marketing and business strategy. “We view it as an opportunity – even a responsibility – to be better in this space, to make it inclusive, to make it accessible and to make it fun.”

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