Fina partners up with Alisports

Fina, the global governing body for aquatic sports, has become the latest major sports body to strike a partnership with the Alisports division of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Under the long-term partnership, Alisports will bear responsibility for the organisation of the Fina World Aquatics Gala from 2016 to 2025. The event, which pays an annual tribute to the best athletes and coaches of the year in the six aquatic disciplines, will now be known as the Fina/Alisports World Aquatics Gala.

In addition to this partnership, Alisports becomes the exclusive ecommerce, ticketing, and sports tourism partner for the Chinese territory. From a promotional perspective, Alisports will have the opportunity to be associated with open water and high diving events. The organisation will also focus on youth and coaching staff training, along with establishing training courses and venues, in a bid to raise participation in aquatic sports.

Fina president Julio Maglione said: “This co-operation will enhance the organisation of our annual gala, but will definitively improve the visibility and promotion of aquatics in China.”

Alisports’ chief executive, Zhang Dazhong, added: “We are very honoured for this opportunity to work with Fina, with this gala serving as a starting point for our comprehensive development programme on sporting events and commercial areas, through the power of internet, and sparing no effort on global promotion in order to raise the impact of aquatic sports.”

Fina held its 2016 World Aquatics Gala in Windsor, Canada yesterday (Sunday). At the end of October, Alisports signed similar development partnerships with the World Rugby governing body and the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA).