Cubs lower season ticket prices for 2020

The Chicago Cubs are dropping their season ticket prices for 202 after the Major League Baseball club this past year missed the playoffs for the first time in five seasons.

Season ticket holders for the club will see an average price decrease of about 2.5 per cent. But club officials told the Chicago Tribune that the shift had more to do with a scheduling quirk next year that tilts more games to colder-weather weeks of late March and April. The Cubs will play 18 home games next year before the start of May, up from 12 such games in 2019

“It’s predominantly when you have six more games in March and April that obviously is going to factor in [to the price],” Cubs vice president of ticketing Cale Vennum told the Tribune. “So really strong sales, you combine that with a little different schedule next year, put all those factors together, that’s what led to the 2.5 per cent price decrease.”

The Cubs typically have the highest average non-ticket price in MLB, with Team Marketing Report pegging the club’s 2019 average at $59.49. The higher pricing is fueled by strong demand for one of baseball’s most popular clubs, the recent run of on-field success including a 2016 World Series title, and the relatively small capacity of Wrigley Field. The Cubs had MLB’s fourth-largest home attendance in 2019 with a total draw of 3.09 million.

The club is also undergoing several other transitions on and off the field with the arrival of new manager David Ross, who played on the title team three years ago, and this February’s scheduled debut of the club’s new regional sports network, Marquee Sports Network. 

“Our season ticket holders are obviously disappointed that we didn’t make the playoffs last year,” Vennum said. “But they look at this team and still see a roster they expect to be really competitive for 2020. The feedback we’ve gotten around David Ross has been fantastic.”