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Augmented Reality and Sport

Augmented Reality and Sport

Published date:
1 Mar 2017
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Is Augmented Reality another over-hyped technology that lacks a solid foundation, or does it genuinely have the potential to go all the way?

We prepared this report to answer this question.

It begins by explaining the fundamental differences between AR, VR and MR (mixed reality).

The report then reviews and discusses the pros and cons of the three different product approaches to AR today: AR headwear, conventional mobile apps, and Tango-based mobile apps (which require special Tango-based mobile device hardware).

Next, in order to better understand the potential of AR in sport in the long term, the report describes four AR use cases, each of which has the potential to be interesting to sports audiences worldwide.

Given that the full potential of AR cannot be realised without the ready availability of low-cost, lightweight, stylish and affordable glasses it is essential to get a proper grip on when the glasses will arrive. By taking a careful look at how AR glasses work, the report clearly explains why affordable AR glasses are at least 10 years away. In this section we can see where Magic Leap might have run into problems, why in 2014 Google pivoted its AR project, Google Glass, to focus on specific applications in the enterprise market and why Apple has not been able to deliver an AR product yet.

The report concludes with eight recommendations that will help executives in the sports industry develop a realistic plan that will deliver some tangible, short-term benefits while laying the foundations for a future where AR will become part of a far larger market – the ‘visual web’.


The report was written by Nakono, a company that produces industry research focused on the digital economy. We explain in words and numbers how the various segments comprising the digital economy work, what is driving their development and how they will evolve in the future.


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