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Wizards extend Japanese outreach by partnering with CGI influencer

The Washington Wizards have announced a partnership with Japanese next-generation creative company 1Sec Inc., in which computer-generated virtual influencer Liam Nikuro will be welcomed as a virtual guest of the National Basketball Association team in Orlando, Florida.

With nearly 15,000 followers on Instagram, Liam is part of a small but growing group of virtual influencers that operate in the music, fashion, and entertainment space and are designed to engage customers in new ways.

“Our goal as the Wizards brand is to always innovate and be leaders in the digital space,” said Jim Van Stone, Monumental Sports & Entertainment’s president of business operations and chief commercial officer. “We thought this was a fun idea to be the first NBA team to introduce this new technology while at the same time engaging our fans throughout the globe, including DC and Japan.”

The Wizards are actively looking to engage and expand their fanbase in Japan following the drafting of Japanese superstar Rui Hachimura in 2019.