Sanya City announces $682m esports theme park to tap Hainan government funding

The Sanya municipal government announced that Chinese sport development companies Sanya Youth City and Sealing Sports Culture Development will build an esports theme park, with a total planned investment of $682m (€611m).

The Sanya International Esports Theme Park planned land area is 742,500 square metres, and will include 10,500 apartments that can house 40,000 people. The aim is to build a mixed-use residential and shopping attraction that will be the first of an esports entertainment chain.

According to hinews.cn, the project will look to tap on Hainan’s recently announced special development fund worth over RMB1bn ($145m) earmarked to attract esports events and businesses.

The fund is part of a range of measures being introduced by to develop the city’s esports industry, also including a special subsidy of $14m related to esports events, a “Thousand Talents” plan to reward esports athletes with scholarships, simplified and expedited approvals from local authorities for esports events, The new esports policy is part of “Hailiu”, named for the region’s upcoming six economic policies.