Portugal drops 2022 Ryder Cup bid

Four contenders remain in the race to host the 2022 edition of the Ryder Cup after the Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG) confirmed it will no longer be submitting a bid to stage the event.

Portugal had previously declared its interest in hosting the tournament, but FPG president Manuel Agrellos has now confirmed to Ryder Cup Europe that the country will not be going ahead with an official bid.

Agrellos cited the “prevailing economic environment” in the country as the main reason behind its decision to withdraw from the bidding process. However, he did state that the country could bid to stage future editions of the tournament.

“We are certain that a Ryder Cup in Portugal is of paramount importance as it will allow the exposure of our country as a top golf destination and will allow us the opportunity to further develop the game in Portugal,” Agrellos said. “We have reluctantly concluded that the prevailing economic environment would prevent us from developing as strong a bid as we would wish and have therefore decided to wait for a future opportunity.”

The decision by Portugal to drop out of the bidding process leaves Austria, Spain, Germany and Italy as the nations left in the race to stage the event. Turkey was also part of the process until the Turkish Golf Federation (TGF) last month confirmed the country had withdrawn its bid to stage the tournament.
Portugal’s decision to withdraw comes after Austria, Spain, Germany and Italy all hosted bid inspection visits from a delegation of Ryder Cup Europe officials. The prospective host nations for the 44th staging of the biennial contest between Europe and the United States are now required to submit official bids by April 30, with the host set to be appointed in the autumn.