Kiel to stage 2017 Para World Sailing Championships

The German city of Kiel has been selected as the host of the 2017 Para World Sailing Championships, World Sailing has announced.

The event will take place from June 20-25 and will form part of the established sailing festival, Kiel Week, which attracts more than three million visitors every year.

The disciplines that have been proposed by the Para World Sailing Committee for inclusion in the 2017 Championships are One Person Keelboat (Norlin 2.4 OD) – open, One Person Keelboat (Hansa 303) – female, One Person Keelboat (Hansa 303) – male, Two Person Multihull (Weta) – mixed, Two Person Keelboat (SKUD 18) – open (international championship), Three Person Keelboat (Sonar) – open (international championship), while other formats may also be tested in the Weta and Hansa 303.

Kiel's announcement as the host venue falls less than one month after World Sailing released the Para World Sailing Strategic Plan for 2017 to 2020. The plan is part of World Sailing’s bid to the International Paralympic Committee for re-introduction into the 2024 Paralympic Games.

“The 2017 Para World Sailing Championships is a pivotal event for World Sailing to demonstrate to the International Paralympic Committee the strides we have taken to develop and enhance Para World Sailing,” World Sailing president Kim Andersen said.

“Positive steps have been taken since the sport was removed from the 2020 Paralympic sports programme and we continue to work closely with the athletes, our members, classes and the media to push for reinstatement in 2024 and continuity beyond.

“Kiel has a long running history of delivering exceptional sailing events and through our combined efforts and with the support of our partners we aim to deliver record attendance at a Para World Sailing event.”