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England Sevens could be scrapped to create GB team

The Rugby Football Union’s cost-cutting program could result in the end of the England Sevens.

Amidst the possible staff cuts and other measures, the BBC reports that the England Sevens could be folded into a greater “Team GB”. Rugby sevens is a sport in the Summer Olympics and a Team GB would track along Olympic lines.

“The sevens programme is one option we are looking at,” a spokeswoman for the RFU said.

“Moving to a Team GB model makes sense given that sevens is an Olympic sport.

“We have been very clear for some time that we need to cut costs in 2019-2020 as our revenues have not risen in line with our original forecasts,” she added.

Any changes would impact both the men’s and women’s games in England.

The discussion of changes to the English game come amidst ongoing discussions about a reorganisation in neighboring Wales.