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Dutch and Belgian FAs in talks to create cross-border superleague

The football associations of the Netherlands and Belgium are in talks to merge their top football divisions, creating a cross-border superleague, according to report in British daily the i newspaper.

According to the paper, Uefa, the European governing body, is not averse to the plans, which would be intended to boost the profile of the Eredivisie and Belgian First Division A Leagues at a time when power within European football is becoming consolidated among the top five leagues.

Opposition is likely to come from both the clubs and fans, but the new league would be expected to generate significantly higher amounts of sponsorship and broadcast revenue, and formal talks over the merger could begin as soon as next year. Teams from Luxembourg may also be involved, though at a lower level initially.

The league would be likely to feature nine teams from the Netherlands and nine from Belgium.

The news of the move is likely to lead to a spate of rumours about further cross-border leagues. The Scottish FA has long known to be open to the idea as a way of generating further income for its top clubs, with a potential link-up with the leagues of Sweden, Norway and Denmark previously mooted.