Could it be back to round one?

After sex allegations again Tyson were dropped, Tyson’s legal team have admitted they are looking to once again gain permission to fight from the Nevada State Athletic Commission – despite it rejecting the initial request.

Since then, the venue of the fight has become a bigger talking point than who might actually win any eventual showdown.

Countries around the world have been throwing their names in the hat, along with a number of major US cities, as venues look to get a slice of what will be boxing’s biggest ever pay-day.

Said Tyson’s attorney Jim Jimmerson: “We are in discussions with the Nevada deputy attorney general’s office with regard to whether or not there is any appetite on the part of the commission to reconsider that decision.”

If it does get the go-ahead the fight is unlikely to still go ahead on the planned April 6 date. Most likely the fight will be put back until June.

The commission has said it would be open to reconsider the earlier decision.

Washington DC remains favourite to stage the fight, with bids also in from Texas, Georgia, Indonesia, the Lebanon, England and Denmark. However, it is believed the initial contract between the two boxers prevents the fight being staged outside of the US.