TVSM Global Report 2017

The annual TVSM Global Report uses the data from TV Sports Markets Rights Tracker to put a figure on the global value of the sports media rights market. It also includes values for the top sports, top properties and top markets. The figures are accompanied by explanatory text and analysis.

The information in this report has been compiled using the TVSM Rights Tracker, the intelligence tool for interrogating TV Sports Markets’ unique database of sports media rights values. The value of rights for properties not included in Rights Tracker, and for upcoming deals not yet announced, has been either gathered from figures reported in the media or estimated by the TV Sports Markets team.

The global value of sports media rights was just under $47bn in 2017, up from $43.6bn in 2016. Year-on-year growth will continue, with the value of the market forecast to break the $50bn-barrier in 2019 and reach almost $54.3bn by 2021.

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