WOA launches new national Olympic body funds

The World Olympians Association (WOA) has launched a new development fund for its national Olympian association (NOA) members.

The newly-created investment programme, which all NOAs can apply for, is a first for the WOA. The fund is designed to enable NOAs to develop and undertake projects that benefit their Olympian members and energise them to help the communities they live in. It will also assist NOAs to cover basic administration costs such as running meetings and events and communicating with members.

NOAs will be asked to provide information and make a number of commitments in order to qualify for the grant, including the signing of a grant agreement form vouching that the money will be spent within the rules and guidelines of the development fund.

WOA president Joël Bouzou said: “We see this is a significant step for the WOA in its mission to help grow and support our members. We have a sizeable sum set aside in the budget for this project that we hope to enhance in the future with funds from supporters which we are currently negotiating.”