Press reports in Australia claim Chetram Singh, a board official and president of the Guyana Cricket Board, said that the West Indies Cricket Board has rejected the demand.

The West Indies Players Association demanded the fees for the 14-member team in addition to match, tour fees and incentives, said Singh.

The demand once again “puts the tour in jeopardy,” he said.

Plans for the limited-overs series involving Australia, Pakistan and the West Indies were almost derailed last month.

Most of the West Indies team, including captain Brian Lara, refused to accept invitations to a training camp because of a conflict over personal endorsements.

The players said they risked losing their image rights because of their contracts with Cable and Wireless, the rival of the board’s new sponsor, competing telecommunications firm Digicel.AdvertisementAdvertisement

The new demand “is absolute madness,” Singh said hours after the players’ representative Dinanath Ramnarine laid it before the board.