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Beer category kicks off sponsorship sales for 2021-24 Uefa men’s club competitions

(Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)

European football’s governing body Uefa has officially launched the sales process for the sponsorship rights to its men’s club competitions for the period 2021-24.

Concepts for the new sponsorship sales cycle were approved following the recent Uefa executive committee meeting in Ljubljana.

Following an initial announcement that it is launching the sponsorship sales process, Uefa has specified that it is now tendering sponsorship rights for the three tournaments in the beer category.

The sales process is being handled by the Team Marketing agency and interested parties have been handed a deadline of October 2 to lodge their offers for the beer category rights.

The offerings encompass the Champions League, the Europa League and the Europa Conference League, a new competition.

The Uefa Europa Conference League will begin in 2021 and represents a third-tier club tournament. It aims to increase inclusivity in European football for teams from lower-ranked leagues and the winner will qualify for the following season’s Europa League.

SportBusiness understands that sponsorship rights to the Europa League and Europa Conference League will be bundled. In going to market with the broadcast rights to the new third-tier competition, Team is also offering them together with rights to the second-tier Europa League.

The Champions League currently has a long-standing partnership with Heineken, whilst the Europa League has the Heineken-owned Amstel brand.

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Heineken is one of the Champions League’s longest-serving sponsors. Between 1994 and 2005 it supported the competition through its Amstel lager brand before its flagship Heineken product took over.