Susanna Dinnage named new Premier League chief executive

Susanna Dinnage will arguably become the most powerful female administrator in professional sports when she succeeds Richard Scudamore as Premier League chief executive early next year.

Dinnage is leaving her role as head of Discovery’s Animal Planet to take over the world’s richest soccer league. Her appointment was announced after a Premier League meeting on Tuesday.

“I am excited at the prospect of taking on this fantastic role,” Dinnage said. “The Premier League means so much to so many people. It represents the pinnacle of professional sport and the opportunity to lead such a dynamic and inspirational organisation is a great privilege.”

Dinnage’s television background highlights the league’s focus on broadcasting and she will now seek how best to package Premier League rights for the digital age. She will also look to end any talks of a breakaway European Super League and navigate the Premier League through Brexit.

Scudamore, meanwhile, is set to receive a £5m (€5.76m) farewell gift from clubs after they were all asked to give £250,00 each for the executive chairman when he leaves his role.