“The NSC executive commitee decided to…lift the suspension of SARFU’s international programme,” the council said after meeting a delegation from the South African Rugby Football Union.
The NSC executive met SARFU leaders to resolve the crisis which led at the weekend to the resignation of SARFU president Louis Luyt, who outraged many South Africans by bringing President Nelson Mandela into court in a successful challenge against a government inquiry into alleged racism in rugby.
The NSC on Friday suspended SARFU’s recognition and called for the cancellation of tours by Ireland and Wales.
The NSC and SARFU struck a deal on Wednesday that gives the council a role in transforming rugby, a sport followed with religious fervour by whites but largely ignored by the black majority.
A four-man interim committee comprising two NSC and two SARFU executive members has been given five days to work out a programme fundamentally to transform the way the union functions.