Frank Dunne

Fifa and Uefa have both unveiled strategies for the long-term development of women's football. Frank Dunne examines what it would take to put female competitions on an equal footing with their male equivalents.

The new EU Copyright Directive is one of the most controversial pieces of European legislation ever passed, pitting content creators like record companies, film studios and sports rights-holders against social media platforms and free-speech campaigners. Its final wording appears to have left both sides unhappy. And many experts say it will change very little for sport and direct no new revenues towards the industry.




据认为,欧洲足球管理机构欧足联很快就会与香港电讯盈科有限公司就2020年欧洲杯在香港转播权达成协议。如果签约成功,那么这将意味着旧的合作伙伴关系重新得以延续: 此前,电讯盈科获得了2008年欧洲杯和2012年欧洲杯的转播权;但是2016年欧洲杯的转播权被MP & Silva公司竞标夺走。


• League has brought in consultants Alvarez & Marsal to advise on OTT platform • New distribution strategy will be in place for the next rights cycle, from 2022-23 season • B

Few human endeavours, in any field, have required as much explanation as the Uefa Nations League

根据TV Sports Markets的研究,尽管IMG购买的意甲国际转播权在大多数市场有所升值,收入也比上轮销售周期MP & Silva与意甲签订的协议更加理想,但IMG似乎仍会入不敷出。


ESP Properties was launched in June 2015 as WPP’s attempt to create a sports marketing major to challenge the likes of IMG. Last year, its UK team was absorbed by its Two Circles division. In July 2018, its US operations were sold off. GroupM, the WPP subsidiary which created ESP, doesn’t see this as a failure or retrenchment. Some rivals and independent sponsorship experts have a different view.

The agreement the Premier League struck in June with Amazon for one of two packages of rights unsold in its January auction – telco BT picked up the other – has to be one of the most important ever.

The Uefa Champions League is set to deliver another big increase in revenues in the next cycle, but there are still doubts it will survive beyond 2024. Frank Dunne explains why.

Legalised sports betting in the US looks set to become a multi-billion-dollar activity. But disputes could nobble the business before it gets out of the blocks.

Frank Dunne talked to three experts about benchmarks for global rights strategies, how much expertise is transferable down the pyramid and how OTT can fit into future strategies. 

Frank Dunne reports on how the NBA tries to maximise its international media-rights income by approaching each market with complete flexibility.

Perform Content公司的出售将成为今年业内最受瞩目的交易。许多观察人士认为,DAZN的优质互联网体育服务成败与否,Perform Content公司能卖多少钱至关重要,因为出售所得的资金可能用于弥补DAZN早期的巨额亏损。

Events – the USA's World Cup qualification debacle, the football federation's presidential election and two lower-league clubs bringing a case against Fifa to CAS – have conspired to put promotion and relegation back on the MLS agenda. Frank Dunne reports.  

Money from Murdoch’s pay-television operations has transformed the fortunes of sports leagues around the world over the last 30 years and suddenly it looks like the tap is about to be turned off.