Webinar | AI-driven highlights: How to deliver sports action that engages a modern-day sports fan

While a ‘typical’ fan doesn’t exist, most of the audiences today have a growing digital appetite, crave personal experience, counter conventional beliefs, and want to be engaged on their terms. This underlines the importance of adopting tailored strategies that can be adapted to engage digitally savvy sports fans on their terms – wherever and whenever they want.

In the recent past, we have seen rights-holders and broadcasters recognise how AI can create personalised and more engaging content, enabling them to create new monetisation opportunities in real-time. Furthermore, leveraging highlights as a part of your digital strategy can offer several key benefits, including increased visibility, higher fan engagement, deeper audience insights, and significant cut-through possibilities with fans of all ages – particularly the younger generations.

In this webinar replay, learn how sports rights-holders and broadcasters can leverage AI-led highlights to create an impactful digital-engagement strategy and open up fresh monetisation opportunities.

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The panel included:

  • Alessandro Reitano, senior vice-president continental production operations, Sky Deutschland
  • Meghna Krishna, chief revenue officer, Magnifi
  • Gonzalo Zarza, head of data and AI, LaLiga Tech

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