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White Paper | How AI-driven highlights can engage modern-day sports fans

Sport faces a significant challenge to attract and retain viewers, especially in an increasingly fragmented media landscape in which there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ fan.

However, whilst recent research suggests most adults already feel bombarded by information from technological platforms, a carefully curated sports highlights strategy is a powerful proposition to cut through the noise in a fiercely competitive space. Technological advances are allowing rights-holders to create and deliver highlights at unprecedented speed and scale – and at a fraction of the previously established cost. Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI) is supercharging efforts to personalise content-driven experiences for evermore demanding audiences.

The new White Paper from Magnifi and SportBusinessAI-driven highlights: How to deliver sports action that engages a modern-day sports fan’ – explores what rights-holders should consider as they strive for impactful and cost-effective digital strategies. The report delves into how highlights can be used in tandem within the burgeoning social media space to open up fresh engagement and monetisation opportunities, as well as outlining the challenges and implications for sports organisations of all sizes.

With insights derived from the latest research into fan and viewer behaviour, the White Paper provides a comprehensive overview of the cutting-edge technologies and distribution strategies designed to elevate digital engagement to the next level.

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