SportBusiness Postgraduate Course Rankings 2019 | The Top 40

SportBusiness’ postgraduate course rankings is back for another year. Find the complete list of the world’s top 40 sport management degrees below, or click here to browse the rest of the report and download a PDF version.

For the full table with all data points included, see here.

  1. University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management MS Sport Management and MBA/MS Sport Management 
  2. Ohio University Masters of Sports Administration Program
  3. The International Centre for Sport Studies (CIES) The Fifa Master
  4. University of South Florida MBA/MS in Sport & Entertainment Management
  5. George Washington University Master of Science in Sports Management
  6. San Diego State University Sports MBA
  7. Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Sport Leadership MEd/MBA Sport Leadership
  8. University of Central Florida DeVos Sport Business Management Program
  9. Temple University Master of Science in Sport Business
  10. Russian International Olympic University Master of Sport Administration
  11. Columbia University MS Sports Managemnet Program
  12. University of San Francisco Master of Sport Management
  13. Georgia State University Master of Science in Sport Administration
  14. Ohio State University Master of Science in Kinesiology, Sport Management
  15. University of Parma - University of Republic of San Marino International Master in Stratgeic Management of Sports Organisations, Events and Facilities
  16. University of Oregon, Lundquist College of Business, Warsaw Sports Marketing Center MBA Sports Business
  17. Florida Atlantic University MBA in Sport Mangement
  18. ESBS - Centro de Formación Fundación Valencia CF Master in International Sports Management
  19. Deakin University Master of Business (Sport Management)
  20. Real Madrid Graduate University MBA Sport Management
  21. University of South Carolina Masters of Sport and Entertainment Management
  22. Coventry University MSc Sport Management
  23. University of Liverpool Management School MBA Football Industries
  24. AISTS Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology
  25. University of Stirling MSc in Sport Management
  26. Florida State University Master in Sport Management
  27. University of Ottawa Master of Human Kinetics Concentration in Sport Management
  28. University of Tennessee Master in Sport Management
  29. Ball State University Master of Sport Administration
  30. Ulster University MSc Sport Management
  31. University of Connecticut Master’s of Science in Sport Management
  32. University of Louisville MS in Sport Administration
  33. University of Bayreuth MBA Sport Management
  34. Sheffield Hallam University MSc Sport Business Management
  35. Seattle University Master in Sport Administration and Leadership
  36. Ca’ Foscari University of Venice Master in Sport Business Strategies
  37. University College Dublin MSc in Sports Management
  38. West Virginia University On-Campus Graduate Sport Management Program
  39. Johan Cruyff Institute Master in Sport Management
  40. AMOS Master of Business in Sport

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