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Tottenham makes progress with stadium plan

Tuesday’s conclusion of a Section 106 agreement means the Barclays Premier League club has agreed to contribute funds towards facilities in the area around the stadium should it decide to press ahead with the plan. Tottenham is seeking to transform the 36,000-seat White Hart Lane into a 60,000-capacity venue under the Northumberland Development Project (NDP) proposal that would include land currently next door to the stadium.

However, it is keeping its options open and is currently fighting the decision to hand West Ham United London 2012’s Olympic Stadium after the Games. Tottenham was granted planning permission for the NDP in October, but wants local and central government to contribute towards revamping transport and other facilities around the area. According to the Press Association, the club will now meet with the council, London Mayor Boris Johnson, and central government figures to see if they can reach an agreement.

A Tottenham statement read: “The club can confirm that the S106 agreement in respect of the Northumberland Development Project has now been completed and planning permissions have been issued. This enables discussions with the London borough of Haringey, the Mayor of London and central government to continue as we seek to make the development viable and deliverable.”