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Stads launches new platform for stadium advertising market

Laureus Academy Member Alessandro Del Piero (Photo by Simon Hofmann/Getty Images for Laureus)

Stads, the Israel-based sports-focused online sponsorship company, has officially launched a new platform dedicated to reach sports venue audiences.

The company will initially work with advertisers in Europe, the US, Latin America and the Far East to create, schedule and deliver adverts to the perimeter boards immediately surrounding the pitch in venues across European football leagues.

Stads has launched the platform with the support of Italian football legend Alessandro Del Piero. The company’s data and analytics model delivers targeted messages to fans and supports teams’ plans to create ‘destination’ experiences.

Stads’ support of real-time marketing requirements also allows advertisers to go live with a campaign at short notice before a match kicks off. The company promotes itself as the first online platform allowing advertisers to programmatically buy LED perimeter boards on an ad-hoc basis for the desired duration and scope.

Del Piero is a strategic partner and member of Stads’ advisory board. He manages key stakeholder relationships and leads marketing campaigns for the company.

Stads chief executive Yoav Shalmor said: “We’re making stadium perimeter advertising easier and more accessible. Most advertisers don’t have the right level of accessibility to in-stadium media and often have no idea how to navigate the sports media buying process to make the best purchases.”

Stads is introducing a media optimisation tool based on advertisers’ segmentation requirements. An algorithm will suggest the best matches to reach their target audience and generate the most cost-effective package to suit their needs.

Shalmor added: “We’re helping advertisers acquire regional exposure while removing costly barriers like yearly partnership commitments. This model is attractive to media agencies, which previously were reluctant to lock down all of their clients’ media budgets on multi-yearly deals.

“They can now diversify their marketing by including sports venue media as one part of a broader campaign. They now have a platform powered by data that lets them localise their message and even advertise with different clubs simultaneously to reach a wider, diverse audience.”

Stads was founded in 2018 by a group of sports business and technology entrepreneurs.