Silver approached by NFL, but hasn’t ‘given any thought’ about leaving NBA

On Thursday, ESPN reported that NBA commissioner Adam Silver has been approached at various times during his five-year tenure to lead the NFL or Fortune 500 companies. ESPN indicates sources have revealed that multiple NFL owners have approached Silver about taking on the same position in their league.

Under Silver’s leadership, NBA team valuations have increased from an average of $509m (€451m) to almost $2bn. The league has also transformed its media operation, increased fan interaction and referee accountability as well as permitting advertising on jerseys.

Silver’s NBA contract expires in 2023, while NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is under contract with the league until 2022. NFL owner approaches to Silver, according to the report, took place prior to August 2017. Goodell’s most recent contract was signed in December 2017.

“I’ll just say I have not given it any thought,” Silver told ESPN regarding his outside job opportunities. “I feel very fortunate to be in this position. As a longtime fan, as a longtime league employee, the opportunity to become the commissioner of this league was beyond anything I even ever dreamed of as a kid.”