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Scientists call for ban on alcohol sponsorship

According to UK newspaper the Times, scientists say that governments should outlaw the practice based on previous findings that alcohol-industry sponsorship of elite and community sport is associated with hazardous drinking among sport participants.

“It is obvious that drinks industry sponsorship of sport is less about supporting an important part of our national culture and more brand positioning and profit. We need to ask whether this continued alliance and the mixed messages such deals send to young people and adults alike, is actually appropriate,” said Professor Ian Gilmore, President of the Royal College of Physicians and Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK.

Dr Kerry O’Brien of the University of Manchester, who led the research, added: “Athletes who display loutish behaviour while intoxicated are banned from sport and vilified, but often they are getting drunk at club events sponsored by the alcohol industry. It’s disingenuous to put alcohol in the athlete’s hand and then punish them for the consequences.”