Samoa replaces Tonga as host of 2019 Pacific Games

Samoa has today (Friday) been awarded hosting rights for the 2019 edition of the Pacific Games multi-sport event.

Samoa will replace Tonga as host of the event, with the latter country having withdrawn its bid earlier this year due to financial concerns.

Samoa, Guam and Tahiti had stepped forward with bids to replace Tonga. Tahiti withdrew its bid earlier this week amid a lack of government support, and the Pacific Games Council has now awarded the event to Samoa after doubts emerged over funding for the Guam bid.

The Games will take place in Samoa from July 8-20, 2019.

In a statement reported by the Guam Pacific Daily News website, the Pacific Games Council said: “An agreement between the governor and the Guam Legislature for a budget appropriation to enable Pacific Games preparations to begin in the upcoming fiscal year could not be reached in the short timeframe available.”

The PGC added that Samoa’s bid was “the only one that met all of the criteria, including the full financial support and underwriting by the host government."

The Pacific Games are held every four years. Papua New Guinea staged the most recent edition in 2015, with the Solomon Islands scheduled to host the 2023 event. Samoa last hosted the event in 2007.