Indonesia to build “Village” at Tokyo 2020 to promote 2032 Olympics bid

In an effort to build support for its bid to host the 2032 Olympics, Indonesia’s National Olympic Committee plans to build an Indonesian Village, also called the House of Indonesia, within the Tokyo 2020 Athlete’s Village.

Indonesia’s NOC has submitted budget plans to the government to build the village on a 1,500 square metre plot of land, and chairman Raja Sapta Oktohari said according to the Jakarta Post: “We need a budget of around Rp 200bn ($14m) to build the infrastructure.

“The location for the village is strategic as it will be located next to Nike’s (booth in the athlete’s village). We are waiting for the government to disburse its funding to start the construction.

“The construction will be quick, taking only two months. The only difficulty is regarding the permit. However, we will finish by May. We will make it as concise and effective as possible.”

The House of Indonesia is one of several promotional steps taken by Indonesia to boost its bid to host the 2032 Olympics, after Indonesia submitted its formal bid letter to the International Olympic Committee in February last year.