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Brittany Bowlen takes ‘next step’ in becoming Denver Broncos owner

Brittany Bowlen, the daughter of late Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, has taken the “next step” to become principal owner of the National Football League team by assuming the role of Broncos’ vice president of strategic initiatives.

Starting on December 2, Bowlen will lead various strategic initiatives across several departments for both the Broncos and the Stadium Management Company.

“Brittany is working toward earning the right to succeed her father, and this is the next step in that process,’’ said Joe Ellis, the Broncos’ chief executive officer, president and three trustees of the Pat Bowlen Trust. “Given her work experience and depth of knowledge, we’re looking forward to Brittany returning to work for the Broncos and adding value across our organization.”

Following Pat Bowlen’s ill health prior to his death in June, the Broncos were put in the hands of a trust, which will decide the team’s future controlling owner. Strict educational and business experience is required, including five years’ experience with the league or team.

Two of Pat Bowlen’s daughters – Beth Bowlen Wallace and Brittany Bowlen – have expressed interest in becoming controlling owner. But the heir apparent Brittany Bowlen, 29, is now firmly in the driving seat despite recent attempts by other family members to dissolve the trust and remove its power of attorney.

Brittany Bowlen is a graduate of Notre Dame University, has a master’s degree from Stanford, and worked in the league office for two years. After finishing up a job at management consulting firm McKinsey & Co, she will now take a new executive position at the Broncos where she will focus on the business side of the franchise. Her role is expected to eventually expand to include football operations.

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