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Brazil and Czech Republic to compete for 2021 World Orienteering Championships

The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) has received bids from Brazil and the Czech Republic to stage its World Championships in 2021.

Both countries have applied for the right to host the World Orienteering Championships in the FootO discipline. The deadline for applications was the end of December.

The Czech Republic last staged the event in 2008, when the city of Olomouc played host. Czechoslovakia hosted the Championships in 1972 and 1991. Brazil has never staged the event before.

The 2016 event was staged in Sweden, while Estonia will host this year’s edition from July 1-7. The event will then travel to Latvia, Norway and Denmark in 2018, 2019 and 2020, respectively.

The IOF also confirmed the countries interested in staging a host of other events. The event with the most applications is the European Youth Orienteering Championships in 2019, with bids from Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Turkey and Serbia. Turkey is also the sole applicant for the Junior World Orienteering Championships in 2020.

Australia was the only country to bid to stage the Oceanian Orienteering Championships in 2019, while Great Britain, Italy and Slovakia have applied to host the World Masters Orienteering Championships in 2020.

The IOF FootO (foot orienteering) Commission will evaluate all the applications before delivering a verdict to the IOF Council. A final decision will be made at the IOF Council meeting in July.

Bids have also been submitted to host a number of ski orienteering (SkiO) events.

Russia has bid to host the European, European Youth and Junior World SkiO Championships in 2019. Turkey has also bid for these three events, as well the World Masters SkiO Championships in the same year.

Sweden is the sole applicant for the World SkiO Championships in 2019 and has applied to organise the event in combination with the European Youth, Junior World and World Masters SkiO Championships.

The application process is still open for the 2020 World SkiO Championships, the 2020 European TrailO Championships and the 2021 World TrailO Championships. Several mountain bike orienteering events in 2019 and 2020 are still open for application until January 13.