A-League plans season games to be played in Asia

Australia’s A-League chief Damien De Bohun has revealed that the league is in talks to host some of its soccer games in Asia during the 2015 Asian Cup.

The 2015 Asian Cup will take place from January 9-31 in Australia, cutting across the heart of the A-League season, with games to be hosted in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Newcastle. To avoid a clash of venue use, De Bohun revealed plans are underway to play some of those regions’ games in Asia.

“Next season with the Asian Cup…we won’t be playing games at the same time most likely in the markets where the Asian Cup is on. So that’s Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and Brisbane. Necessity is the mother of invention; we have to look a bit more broadly. We have had active discussions with places like Singapore and Indonesia,” De Bohun said, according to Reuters.

“There are local opportunities, but also some more global opportunities that we are looking at very seriously. We are very focused on playing games where you can get the best possible results on both a strategic level and a commercial level and that may well be in Asia. We would definitely be looking at playing games for points in Asia as early as next season.”