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Japanese rugby is at an all-time high, but with the Tokyo-based Super Rugby team set to be axed in 2020 Kevin Roberts asks how traction can be maintained so that Rugby World Cup 2019 is remembered as the starting point and not a high water mark for the sport in one of the world’s major markets.

Kevin Roberts on the International Association of Athletics Federations president’s reaction to the well-known Doha dilemma…empty seats

It was never going to be easy for Lord Sebastian Coe when he became president of the International Association of Athletics Federations. He took the reins of a sport in a bad place

How much more valuable could the sports business become if user data could be better standardised, integrated and aggregated?

World Rugby chief executive Brett Gosper tell Kevin Roberts about his hopes for the impact and legacy of the showpiece 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan at the tail end of a year when plans for a global Nations Championship foundered on the rocks of resistance from the sport’s established nations.

As the Tour de France moves towards its conclusion in Paris, Kevin Roberts talks to Ralph Denk, team manager of the German Bora-Hansgrohe team about the business of running and funding an international cycling outfit.

For more than 20 years SportBusiness has been delivering the data, information, insight and analysis that make the world’s most successful sports sector businesses tick.

Ahead of his appearance at the Sports Decision Makers Summit in Miami on May 7, 23 Capital Co-founder Stephen Duval discusses the way a creative approach to finance has opened the door to funding in the sector.

Public interest in sailing tends to peak around America’s Cup where, traditionally, super-rich team-owners invest heavily to build hi-tech boats and to attract crews assembled from around the world.

“I believe in co-hosting,” said Fifa president Gianni Infantino as part of a wide-ranging closing address and interview at the 12th Globe Soccer conference and awards in Dubai.

America’s Cup sailing is 164 years old and proud of its traditions, but the 90km-per-hour catamarans contesting the latest edition have added a new dimension and opened up fresh commercial opportunities for a property focused on building for a new generation without losing sight of its past. Kevin Roberts reports.

Kevin Roberts asks whether Brand Football needs to sever its ties with gambling in all its forms.