Winter Sports Report 2020

This report helps you to understand the commercial landscape of the winter sports market and how media rights are sold. We also look in detail at the value of winter sports sponsorship rights, particularly at the Winter Olympics and for international winter sport federations.

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In this report we analyse how skiing media rights are sold and offer an in-depth profile of the market’s dominant agency, Infront.

We profile in detail the leading skiing and ice hockey markets including: Austria, Canada, Germany, Nordics and Switzerland.

While the majority of the report focuses on media rights with an exclusive analysis of the value of winter Olympic media rights in European markets; we also examine and value recent Winter Olympic domestic sponsorship revenue and the total sponsorship revenue for leading winter sports international federations.

This report has been compiled with data from SportBusiness’s unrivalled global media rights and sponsorship deals databases (click here to learn more) and SportBusiness Consulting’s unrivalled insight and analysis of the market.



1. Analysis of how skiing media rights are sold

How FIS Skiing World Cup rights are sold
Influence of Infront on winter sports
FIS Alpine and Nordic skiing World Championships

2. Market-by-Market analysis of leading skiing nations


3. Analysis of how ice hockey media rights are sold

NHL media revenues by market
IIHF media revenues by market

4. Market-by-Market analysis of leading ice hockey nations


5. The Winter Olympics

Media rights

6. Sponsorship

Sponsorship of international winter sport federations


  • Estimate of the global winter sports media rights market from 2010 – 2022
  • Total value of ice hockey media rights and as a percentage of the winter sports market
  • The most valuable winter sport properties per season / year
  • Who owns and distributes winter sports rights in the key markets
  • The value of winter sports in each of the key markets
  • Estimated of allocation of Winter Olympics media rights values in all major European markets
  • Sponsorship of the Winter Olympics from 1998 – 2018
  • Total sponsorship revenue for leading winter sports international federations


  • Broadcasters – understand the value of the media rights in order to effectively budget, or even to plan an acquisitions strategy and discover what competitors are doing.
  • Rights Holders – keep on top of trends and best practice, plus glean insights on competitors.
  • Agencies – discover who is working with who, what they are doing and how much they are spending.
  • Technology platforms – needing to understand the progress of technology and streaming media rights.
  • Investors and finance – wanting an overview of investment viability in sports media rights.


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