Global Media Report 2019

This report analyses the media rights values for the world’s 10 biggest sports, 20 largest properties and the top 10 markets.

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The 2019 edition of the SportBusiness Consulting Global Media Report provides the most comprehensive examination of the sports media rights landscape, based on our market-leading media rights data, together with analysis and insight from the SportBusiness Consulting team.

It provides insights to exclusive macro media rights data that isn’t available anywhere else, including the combined global value of all sports media rights.

Examines the values of different sports, properties and markets and how they compare with one another, including a top line understanding of the value of the sports media rights landscape in 2019, profiles of sports leading markets, sports and properties and the global media rights values for key sports properties such as the English Premier League, Uefa Champions League, NBA and Formula One.

The report also looks at the commercial aspects of how leading sports properties are sold and how this can have an impact on the global value for different sports and in different markets.

Additional analysis is done on how forthcoming media rights agreements will impact media revenues in 2020 and beyond.

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1. Executive Summary
Global value of media rights 2015 to 2022
Top 10 Sports by Global Media Rights Value 2019
Top 20 Properties By Global Media Rights Value 2019
Top 10 Markets by Sports Media Rights Spend 2019

2. Most valuable sports
Football, American Football, Basketball, Baseball, US College Sports, Motorsport, Cricket, Ice Hockey, Golf, Multi-sports events

3. Most valuable properties
NFL, English Premier League; in-depth analysis, NBA, Major League Baseball, Uefa Champions and Europa League, Spanish LaLiga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, NHL, French Ligue 1

4. Most valuable markets
USA, United Kingdom; in-depth analysis, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Middle East and North Africa, Latin America (exc. Brazil), Indian Subcontinent, Brazil

5. What to look out for in 2020


  • Global sports media rights hit $51bn, the first time the $50bn mark has been crossed
  • Rights revenue is up 3.6% from 2018 and is projected to continue growing to reach $56.1bn in 2022
  • The most valuable league is the NFL generating $7.76bn per year
  • Huge domestic deals for the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball make the US the most valuable market
  • Football remains the dominant sport in global media rights accounting for $20.8bn
  • What are the key Champions League agreements and when TEAM went to market in 2018-19 to 2020-21 rights cycle
  • What are the German Bundesliga domestic media rights value 2006-07 to 2020-21
  • The future of sports media rights in the Middle East and North Africa with key information on  beIN agreements that expire in 2020 and 2021
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Exclusive data on the $51bn global sports media rights market

The most accurate set of media values available anywhere

Understand the key trends across sports, properties and markets

Expert analysis from the SportBusiness Consulting team

Find out the biggest markets, most valuable properties and popular sports


  • Broadcasters – needing an accurate understanding of values for global sports content.
  • Rights-holders – looking for global data on how to price property rights.
  • Sports marketing agencies – that need comprehensive market analysis to get the best value for their clients.
  • Technology platforms – needing to understand the progress of OTT and streaming media rights.
  • Investors and finance – wanting an overview of investment viability in sports media rights.

Values and analysis on the world's biggest sports properties


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