Major League Lacrosse

MLL commissioner Sandy Brown tellsĀ SportBusiness why he believes that "clear heads prevailed" in the unification of outdoor lacrosse in the States.

The Premier Lacrosse League and Major League Lacrosse have announced a landmark merger under the PLL banner in a move which unifies the outdoor game in the United States

Major League Lacrosse has announced it will stage its 2020 season as a week-long quarantined tournament in Annapolis, Maryland, in the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic

Major League Lacrosse has renewed its partnership with lacrosse protection and equipment manufacturer Cascade Maverik Lacrosse

Outdoor league undergoes a wide series of changes to reset itself amid heightened competitive pressures within the sport. Bob Williams reports.

Major League Lacrosse announced the reformation of the Philadelphia Barrage, on the day after the league confirmed that theĀ Atlanta Blaze would not operate for the 2020 season.

Major League Lacrosse has announced the Connecticut Hammerheads as its newest team for the 2020 season

Major League Lacrosse has decided to switch from a franchise model to a single-entity structure

Major League Lacrosse will close three franchises for its 2019 season, contracting the size of the league from nine clubs to six