US Soccer Foundation sues to protect its name from US Soccer Federation demands

The US Soccer Federation has been sued in US District Court by the US Soccer Foundation.

At issue is the federation’s desire to terminate its relationship with the foundation and force it to abandon its logo and name.

The foundation, which was formed in the mid-1990s, has focused on giving playing opportunities to youth in low-income communities. It was informed of the federation’s intent to terminate their relationship in August.

“We were surprised and shocked,” said Ed Foster-Simeon, president and chief executive of the US Soccer Foundation. “We have spent $125m over 25 years building up the equity around the US Soccer Foundation and the work that we’re doing. This is a threat to our organisation and our ability to continue the work we’re doing. But, more importantly, this threatens our ability to reach kids in low-income communities that we have taken the forefront in in trying to create access and opportunities and quality programming for those kids.”

The lawsuit is seeking a judgment that the foundation owns the “US Soccer Foundation” name and related trademarks.